FunPlus Phoenix’s Doinb reaches 2,000 kills in the LPL

The star mid laner shows no signs of stopping

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix’s world champion mid-laner Doinb has reached a new milestone in his LPL career.

The 24-year old player earned his 2,000th kill after his last series against JD Gaming in week 8 of the 2021 LPL Summer Split and played a crucial role in FPX’s victory. Both Doinb and FPX have been dominating throughout the entire split, even after unexpected roster changes.

Doinb began his professional League of Legends career in 2015 under the banner of Qiao Gu Reapers. He quickly moved onto the main stage in the LPL after an impressive first LSPL (LPL Academy) split. The team dominated in their first LPL season, finishing the regular split in second place and advancing to the last round of playoffs, where they lost the title to LGD Gaming in an intensive 2-3 series.

After his dominant performance, he joined a couple of teams throughout his career until the end of the 2018 competitive season, where he signed with FunPlus Phoenix. The team was created towards the end of the 2017 competitive season and, while FPX didn’t have the best results in its first year of LPL, it did try to experiment by signing different players to round up its roster. GimGoon, Lwx, and Crisp, the three-star players, were with the organization from the start and had great performances. Without a good jungler and mid laner, however, they were failing to provide results.

Photo via [Riot Games](

Doinb and Tian were signed for the 2019 season alongside head coach WarHorse. The team meshed really well together, and the addition of a better mid and jungle duo boosted the core three players’ performances. The team finished first during their first split together but were unable to replicate that momentum in the playoffs. They lost to Top Esports in a mostly one-sided 1-3 series. Even though they didn’t deliver a title to the organization, that iteration of the roster marked an improvement, with Doinb slowly gaining a reputation for being a mid-lane mastermind with his surprise picks.

In the Summer Split, the team popped off once again, dropping only one series during the regular season and stomping their opposition in playoffs. They won the LPL title after a 3-1 series against Royal Never Give Up and qualified for the world championship. There, they had a dominant run swooped G2 Esports in the finals, winning the first world champion title with only four splits of experience as an organization.

Doinb has always been a crucial player for FPX, by enabling them with his targeted bans towards him and constant roams to help his side laners. He usually gives up a lot of experience and gold from his own lane to help snowball his teammate. And with the current performance in the 2021 LPL Summer Split, Doinb might be looking at his next world champion title alongside his teammates.

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