FunPlus Phoenix steamroll Suning, secure a sub-20-minute win

Doinb, the "Dark Technologies" mastermind, is back with Kled mid once again.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix managed to speedrun China’s League of Legends Pro League today. They managed to win their first game in 19 minutes and 45 seconds against Suning, a middle-of-the-pack team.

Mid laner Doinb picked up the first game’s MVP award after counter-picking the Pantheon from Suning with a Kled surprise pick. Nicknamed the “Dark Technologies” mastermind for his unconventional picks in the LPL and making them meta, such as Kled and Nautilus, Doinb keeps impressing his fans.

The second MVP award went to FPX’s bot laner, Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang, who had a phenomenal game on Miss Fortune. He ended the game with 13 kills while the entire Suning squad only had nine.

After a failed gank attempt by Suning in the first game, Doinb was able to pick up an easy kill and snowball off of it.

With Herald under their belt, FPX looked to use it to lay siege upon the first tier tower in the mid lane of Suning. But Suning decided to try to force a teamfight. Even though FPX were outnumbered, they managed to run unscathed and pick up another kill for Doinb, a trend for the rest of the game.

Suning fell far behind and tried to come back into the game, but FPX’s bloodthirsty nature denied them that chance. After a one-sided teamfight in Suning’s jungle, FPX finished the first game in under 20 minutes.

After an early dive by Suning in the bottom lane of FPX in the second game, they obtained a small lead and set the opposing laners behind at the cost of Doinb freely farming in the mid lane.

Following an early fight around the Dragon pit, FPX managed to funnel three kills into their ADC, who went on to use this advantage to snowball his lane against Suning’s Draven and Leona.

With a growing lead, FPX picked up four drakes and acquired the Mountain Dragon Soul. With the Dragon Soul under their belt, they forced a Baron fight where they wiped the floor with Suning and went on to win the series.

FPX had a rough start to the season but they’ve improved drastically in the past week. They’re sitting in fourth place in the LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll play against Royal Never Give Up on Sunday, March 22 at 6am CT on the official LPL broadcast channel.