FunPlus Phoenix demolish Royal Never Give Up in 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs upper bracket

What should have been a hyped-up series quickly turned into a clean sweep for FPX.

Image via FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix knocked Royal Never Give down to the lower bracket today after a dominant 3-0 series in the 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs.

RNG came in first in the regular season and looked dominant throughout the split. FPX, meanwhile, have been on a tear during their playoff run, overwhelming their opponents with superior individual performances and map movements.

The MVP votes for FPX today went to Nuguri and Tian. Both players stepped up in this League of Legends series, showcasing their skills on three different champions. Even though RNG heavily banned out the opposing jungler and top laner, they were mere drops in the bucket of the duo’s huge pool of champions to choose from.

The series opened up with a calculated and coordinated playstyle from FPX. Every invade and objective was thought of beforehand and the team created plays around them, giving Tian the ability to carry from the jungle. He always had assistance from his teammates with whatever play he went for, which helped FPX secure the first win of the series in 29 minutes.

After Tian’s huge performance on Udyr in the first game, RNG took it away as a first pick in the second game to try and keep the 2019 world champion under control. That didn’t matter, though, since FPX swapped their playstyle to funnel resources into Nuguri’s Irelia instead. He went on to crush Xiaohu’s Gnar and dominate teamfights after his early snowball. After a teamfight win near the Baron, FPX secured the second win in 29 minutes once again.

Going into the third game, multiple power picks were left open and both teams picked them up. While RNG had the power of Seraphine in the mid lane, it wasn’t enough to stop FPX, who heavily outclassed them again. After multiple teamfight wins, FPX finished the game and the series in convincing fashion.

FPX will now face the winner of EDward Gaming vs. Top Esports on April 11. The remaining four teams in the double-elimination LPL playoff bracket all look strong and even though RNG were knocked down to the lower bracket today, there’s a chance they might come back stronger and tear through their opponents to get revenge against FPX.

The LPL playoffs continue tomorrow, April 8, with EDG vs. TES at 4am CT.

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