Here’s the full schedule for Rift Rivals 2019: NA vs. EU

Tickets are now on sale.

Image via Riot Games

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Riot Games revealed the full schedule for the European vs. North American Rift Rivals today.

Based on spring performances, Team Liquid, Cloud9, and TSM will represent North America, while G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Origen will play under the European banners.

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Teams from the two regions will play against each other once over the three-day tournament in a group stage, which follow a single round robin best-of-one format. The winning region from groups will then get to counter pick the first three games of the finals on Saturday. For the final two matches of the day, teams from each region will be selected at the same time without a chance of counter picks.

Tickets are now available for those looking to attend the event in person.

Here’s the full schedule for Rift Rivals 2019: NA vs. EU.

Thursday, June 27

  • 2pm CT: Showmatch
  • 2:30pm CT: C9 vs. G2
  • 3:30pm CT: TL vs. FNC
  • 4:30pm CT: 2v2s
  • 5pm CT: TSM vs. OG
  • 6pm CT: 2v2s
  • 6:30pm CT: C9 vs. FNC

Friday, June 28

  • 2pm CT: 2v2s
  • 2:30pm CT: TL vs. G2
  • 3:30pm CT: C9 vs. OG
  • 4:30pm CT: TSM vs. G2
  • 5:30pm CT: TL vs. OG
  • 6:30pm CT: TSM vs. FNC
  • 7:30pm CT: 2v2s

Saturday, June 29

  • 2pm CT: Relay Race Finals