Froskurinn speaks on her casting legacy, and how the “power of friendship” made the LEC broadcast so special

The 29-year old is moving on to another adventure in 2021.

Photo via Riot Games

After having announced her decision to step away from the broadcast to pursue other ventures, popular LEC caster Froskurinn spoke with Dot Esports’ Meg Kay to discuss how she’d want to be remembered by League of Legends fans, and how the “power of friendship” helped make the league’s on-air team so successful.

The 29-year old caster joined the broadcast team at the start of the rebranded LEC in 2019, and quickly found her groove alongside popular personalities like Drakos, Vedius, and Medic.

Froskurinn said she feels she “gave so much to the League of Legends community” in terms of building the LPL broadcast, picking up her stuff and moving across the world, and working on herself as a caster at the LEC.

“I just felt like that was the point where every single MSI and Worlds Final, I knew that I would be on it because I knew that I had reached my peak of my ability, at least as far as like the analyst desk was concerned,” Froskurinn said. “I’d like to be remembered for the effort and talent that I put into the craft.”

Photo via Riot Games

Froskurinn also spoke about the great friendships she’s made during her time in the LEC, and said that those connections are what made the broadcast so special and successful. For example, she lived with Vedius for over a year, she’s known Drakos since before they were casting partners, and she’s very close to Ender and Medic.

“There’s a lot of different factors that go into making a broadcast do well, like the production, the expertise, the execution,” Froskurinn explained. “But I think the secret formula or that special sauce that the LEC got right truly was, as corny as it sounds, the power of friendship.”

She also said that although they should be calling themselves a team in order to separate professional life from personal life, the LEC casters are “a hundred percent [her] family” and the saddest thing is that she won’t be able to work with them this year.

In the full interview, Froskurinn also touches on the difficulties she’s faced throughout her career as a caster, the lessons she’s learned over the years, and much more. Listen to the interview here: