FPX upset Bilibili Gaming in 2022 LPL Spring Split

The former world champions make a stand.

Screengrab via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix might be poised to make a last-minute run at the 2022 LPL Spring Split playoffs after an inspired win against Bilibili Gaming today.

Right now, FPX sit just outside the playoff picture with a 5-7 record. After snapping their recent losing streak, FPX will look to use this upset win to rally their playoff chances as the regular season quickly draws to a close.

Game one was a slow burn in favor of Bilibili Gaming, who eventually won their only game of the series at nearly 40 minutes. Though FPX took a minimal 1,000 gold lead by 15 minutes, the former world champions’ lead all but faded as Bilibili Gaming began stacking dragons early. Bilibili Gaming exerted complete control over neutral objectives, only giving over one dragon throughout the entirety of game one.

By the time the mid-to-late game rolled around, seemingly nothing went FPX’s way. Even seemingly opportune fights were turned around, exemplified by FoFo’s excellent Azir play that all but cemented game one for Bilibili Gaming. After securing both late-game objectives, Bilibili Gaming’s second Baron and the Elder Drake, the clear leaders were able to take the first Nexus of the series.

Game two was comparatively quicker. Bilibili Gaming’s early attempts at proactivity fell flat and spiraled into a lead for FPX. Giving away leads to both FPX side laners, Xiaolaohu emerged as his team’s strongest carry on Fiora. Exerting an immense amount of pressure with Fiora’s splitpush ability, Xiaolaohu’s standout performance allowed his team to crack the Bilibili Gaming base at 24 minutes, shortly after taking their first game of the series.

The top laner had one of his more active performances in game two. Executing excellently with Fiora, Xiaolaohu ended the series by making up 32 percent of his team’s damage share and ending with an impeccable 9/2/5 scoreline.

Game three was characterized by a messy early game in which both teams launched countless skirmishes to varying degrees of success. After 15 minutes, Bilibili Gaming emerged as the slight leaders by accruing a tenuous 4,000 gold advantage. But a well-executed ambush on an overextending Bilibili Gaming cut into their lead, placing the game firmly in FPX’s hands.

Though Bilibili Gaming had several players who had gained significant gold leads, primarily Breathe on Jax, the team struggled to piece together a cohesive fight in the mid-to-late game. Conceding crucial fights around late-game neutral objectives, surrendering both Baron and Dragon Soul, FPX confidently marched into Bilibili Gaming’s base to take their fifth win of the season.

Only a single game behind 10th place and a spot in the 2022 LPL Spring Split playoffs, FPX will look to build upon their success against Bilibili Gaming. FPX’s next game will be directly against their 10th-place competition, OMG, on March 11.

For Bilibili Gaming, the team is still heavily expected to qualify for the playoffs despite its recent downward trend. The team had previously contended for the top four at the beginning of the season and have shown a clear aptitude in the current meta. But coming off of a rough series, Bilibili Gaming will seek to rebound in their next game against the current first-place holders, Victory Five.