FPX sweep JDG, help Team WE and BLG lock in 2021 LPL Summer Split playoffs

Three playoff spots remain up for grabs.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix swept JDG in a clean 2-0 series today, helping two teams lock in their 2021 LPL Summer Split playoffs.

With this victory, both Team WE and Bilibili Gaming locked in their playoff spots after a superb season, and both teams will have a chance at winning this split’s LPL title and a spot at the 2021 League of Legends world championship. FPX, on the other hand, maintained their second place in the standings and is one series win away from overtaking EDward Gaming.

The sole MVP in today’s series was FPX AD carry Lwx, who had a monstrous performance on Aphelios in both matches. He finished the series with a combined KDA of 16/2/17 after farming kills throughout the entire game. Lwx’s adaptability regarding gameplay and items is one of the traits that help him achieve stellar results. In the second match, he picked up an unconventional Serpent’s Fang to increase his damage output against shield-stacking champions from the opposing team.

This match of the week was hyped up in the past couple of days after the outstanding performances from both teams. FPX, however, quickly turned the match of the week into any other game day for them from the get-go. They went for aggressive early game plays all around the map and overwhelmed JDG with their constant pressure.

After picking up most neutral objectives, including a Mountain Dragon Soul quite early on, the team was able to quickly secure the first game win off the back of Lwx, who demolished his opposition in teamfights with his strong frontline.

JDG usually adjusts drafts after such devastating losses. Even though the team repeated the practice today, they didn’t ban away Lwx’s Aphelios, with whom he carried the first match of the game. They tried to draft against the powerful AD carry but were unsuccessful since Lwx had another spectacular performance on the champion. After picking up a couple of early game kills, he snowballed out of control and took over the game.

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FPX (11-3) has a couple of series win leads compared to teams sitting in third and below. With no signs of stopping, FPX will be seeded most likely in the later stages of playoffs. Their performance has been phenomenal so far and they might be a contender for this year’s world champion title if they keep it up.

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