Following the footsteps of Galio and Urgot—Swain is next on deck for a total redesign

He'll finally feel like the fearless, unrelenting ruler of Noxus he was always meant to be.

Image via Riot Games

The early bird guts the worm—and that’s why Riot is delivering a complete redesign of Swain before he gets too outdated.

For a master tactician and the ruthless ruler of one of the most powerful nations of Runeterra, Swain is actually pretty lame. His visuals are old and clunky, and he plays like a weird drain tank/battle mage hybrid when he should feel like a super genius/badass. That’s why, following Evelynn’s upcoming rework, Swain will be next to receive a full visual and gameplay update.

Although the design team will work hard to keep his essence and theme in tact, they will be rebuilding his kit and abilities from the ground up. Not too many players will be broken up about that, though, because let’s face it, he needs the makeover.

If Warwick can be changed from a goofy dog that’s only job is to use his ultimate on a carry with a point-and-click teleport ability to a complete and total nightmare, Swain deserves to to be badassified, too.

The development cycle for the update is still in its very early stages, so Riot didn’t have terribly much information to share. But just the fact that this is happening is very exciting.

Swain has been around for a long time—since 2010—and as the warlord of Noxus, he’s had such potential to be cool. This is certainly a long time coming.

Now if only Mordekaiser could lose his pizza feet, we’d be all set.