Fnatic tie for second place in LEC with win over MAD Lions

Hylissang's Rakan was unleashed.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Hylissang led the charge for Fnatic today against MAD Lions with his signature Rakan pick. He received his first Player of the Game Award this season after being overshadowed by his world-class teammates.

His vision control and engages were on point all game. He ended up with no deaths after his team followed up on all his engages and backed him up, managing to ace MAD Lions multiple times, which allowed them to secure objectives uncontested.

Honorable mentions go to Fnatic’s mid and ADC, Nemesis and Rekkles, who had great positioning during the laning phase and team fights, which made the way to their win easier than expected.

Fnatic went through a rough off-season after losing their jungler Broxah. They’ve acquired SK Gaming’s jungler, Selfmade, who had previous experience and synergy with their mid laner, Nemesis. This reunion seems to have an extremely positive impact on the team as they seem more coordinated in their play.

While Fnatic has been looking quite dominant in their recent matches, it’s still not enough to dethrone G2 Esports, who secured the first seed for third split in a row after beating Schalke 04.

Fnatic will have another shot at defeating the dominant G2 in playoffs regardless of tomorrow’s results.