FlyQuest to start Dreams over Diamond in final week of 2021 LCS Spring Split

With the team eliminated from playoff contention, they're experimenting with their roster.

Photo via Riot Games

A LCS media Discord server might have accidentally leaked FlyQuest’s starting roster in the next week.

Former Schalke 04 support Dreams will start over Diamond in the final week of the 2021 LCS Spring Split for FlyQuest. In the LCS media room, where players are scheduled for interviews, Dreams was added while Diamond was excluded.

With the organization eliminated from playoff contention after a poor performance during the split, they’re looking to experiment with their roster to prepare for the next split.

The Korean support was part of S04’s miraculous run last split, helping the team turn around a poor start and almost qualified for the 2020 League of Legends world championship. In the offseason, he came over to NA and signed with FlyQuest’s Academy roster, where they finished sixth this split and qualified for the upcoming LCS Proving Grounds.

FlyQuest had an amazing 2020 year which culminated with them qualifying for the 2020 League world championship. They were the first team to secure a win for NA but were unable to get out of groups with their 3-3 scoreline. During the offseason, the roster blew up and most players found a new home on other NA power teams such as TSM or Team Liquid. The new roster are having a rough time so far, showing weaknesses in both individual mechanics and map control.

While the following three matches won’t matter for this season any more, it can be a starting point for FlyQuest to reassess their roster for the summer.

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