First-of-its-kind ARAM event for European players starts this week

This five-day event has new missions, streaming battles, and more only for EUW and EUNE.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is known for its fairly regular in-game events, usually themed around the Dark Star, Arcade, Blood Moon, or some other skin line. 

This week, however, Riot’s kicking off a new kind of event—ARAM-ARAMA, according to the company’s announcement today. This ARAM-only event offers exclusive missions, an expanded free champion pool, showdowns between streamers, and so much more.

But there’s a catch. Unlike most League events, aside from Ocean Week, this event is only for European players. If you’re playing from the EUW or EUNE servers, you can join in the fun. If you’re not, well, you’ll have to sit this one out. Sorry about that.

The key feature of the event is the set of unique ARAM-themed missions. There will be daily “Luck of the Draw” missions, which you’ll have to manually opt into like most mission-based events. These missions will give you a limited time to hop into an ARAM. If you complete three of these special missions, you’ll automatically be rewarded with a Hextech Chest and a Key. If you complete six in a day, you can get a second set.

Each day of the event will have a theme that goes along with that day’s special missions, starting with Pool Party skins on August 22 and ending with Project skins on August 27. 

Regional Europen streamers will compete in Stream Battles for the event, too, including Nervarien, SkinSpotlights, and more. For the full details of the event, including the Stream Battles schedule, full list of event boosts and features, and the full schedule for each day’s skin themes, visit the official event page.