Finn shares his thoughts about the recent behind-the-scenes CLG video

The 22-year old shares his frustration about the team's latest performance.

Photo via Riot Games

After CLG shared a behind-the-scenes video where the players were told that “this might be the last time” the same roster was playing together, outcry broke out within the League of Legends community.

CLG’s top laner, Finn Wiestål shared his thoughts on his stream shortly after the video was released, in which he looked defeated, and voiced his frustrations with the team’s latest performance in the 2021 LCS Summer Split.

‘We had the most disgusting game as a team against Dignitas, where we basically didn’t do anything, stalled out, and lost the game,” he said. “I was not sad about people getting benched, that’s just how it is as a pro. Honestly, all five of us deserve to be benched, it’s not fair to put the blame onto one person.”

CLG is currently tied in ninth place in the 2021 LCS standings with 10 wins and 26 losses. Going by only Summer Split results, they’d be in sole possession of the last place with only 5 wins and 13 losses. While changes were expected from the organization to improve its performance and hopefully turn the season around, no one expected them to publicly post a behind-the-scenes video where they told players that the org was going to shake up the roster.

With only three weeks left, CLG doesn’t have much time to experiment. But a few wild swings are likely the only choice for the organization to snatch a spot for playoffs. They’ll be facing Team Liquid, Cloud9, and Immortals this weekend. Every win will be crucial to improve their current standings.

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