Fantasy LCS Winners and Losers: Week 7

The Birthday Boy topped the scoring charts, while newly started players made up the losers list. Read more here about the standout performances from Week Seven of the LCS.

Welcome to this week’s edition of fantasy winners and losers for the 2016 Summer Split.

Winners – The Birthday Boy

Peter “Doublelift” Peng: AD Carry for Team SoloMid – 102.52 Points – #1 Overall

Doublelift celebrates his birthday on the day I am writing this, July 19, but he gave himself and the rest of his teammates an early birthday present by leading the league in scoring with 102.52 points. This marked the second time that a TSM player topped the league in scoring, with the first being their mid laner Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg in week five. TSM remains undefeated with two more swift 2-0 victories against Echo Fox and Team Liquid. Doublelift was very consistent in both matchups, scoring 60.49 against EF and another 42.03 in the TL match. Finishing the week with a 20-6-31 KDA, with one triple kill, made for an outstanding week seven performance from the now 23-year-old.

For a little fun fact, if you took Doublelift’s assist (31), subtracted his kills (20), you would get 11. Finally, add his deaths (6), and you get a total of 17, which is how old he was when he began his professional career.

Eugene “Pobelter” Park: Mid Laner for Immortals – 99.57 Points – #2 Overall

The team currently hunting down the aforementioned TSM is Immortals, who like TSM, concluded week seven with two wins, though their first came to them a little tougher. Pobelter had a very nice week thanks to an outstanding 61 point performance in the Echo Fox match, that was topped off by a decent showing in the 2-1 series win against Counter Logic Gaming. Of course, Pobelter lost some points in the CLG match due to the first two matches only scoring system we use at GAMURS, and is also recommended by Riot. However, he still managed to make this week a productive one, falling just short of the 100 point mark and ending the week with a 24-11-46 KDA, and like Doublelift, finding one triple kill. 

Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Scharge: Mid Laner for Origen – 96.21 Points – #3 Overall

While owned in 64% of leagues, he was started by just 35% of his owners, leaving a good chunk of people kicking themselves knowing they left PowerOfEvil and his 96.21 point performance on their bench in week seven.The Origen mid laner got the best of his match against Team ROCCAT, the tenth place team in the EU LCS. PowerOfEvil scored well over half of his points in this series with 72.19 points and a 20-8-15 KDA in that match alone. The match against FC Schalke 04 did not go as well, but with 72 points against ROCCAT, it did not take much to make for a good week. He scored 24.02 points in the series that ended in a 1-1 tie, but the damage was already done for people that had to play against a team with PowerOfEvil in the starting lineup.

Park “Police” Hyeong-gi: AD Carry for Vitality – 93.28 Points – #5 Overall

Going into week seven, Police was owned in just 16% of leagues, and like PowerOfEvil, was started by just about half of that with 6.7% of owners starting Police. Also like PowerOfEvil, Police was able to get the best of a match against ROCCAT, scoring 56.63 points off of a 13 kill and 17 assist performance. Tack on another 36.65 points from the series that ended in a tie against Unicorns of Love and this makes for a good week from the lightly owned Korean player. 

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang: Support for Team SoloMid – 86.10 Points – #9 Overall

I jumped down to the number nine overall scoring player in Biofrost to once again highlight another outstanding week from the new Team SoloMid support player. Vincent, like his ADC, was the top scoring player in his position and the only player in the top ten that was not either a mid laner or ADC, scoring above all other supports, junglers and top laners. Biofrost actually ended the week with a negative kill-death ratio, scoring just two kills while staring down the gray screen on four different occasions. A majority of Biofrost’s points come from his 50 total assists, and another eight points came from four games with over 10 combined kills and assists.

Losers – Newly Benched and Unbenched Players

Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek: AD Carry for H2k-Gaming – 27.67 Points – #97 Overall

Freeze and H2k had a very tough week, playing Fnatic and G2 Esports, ending the week with two losses and no map wins. A negative K/D ratio and over 1,000 CS kills is not all that you are looking for from an AD Carry. No triple, quadra, or penta kills, and no games with over 10 combined kills and assists made for a disappointing week for those who started the European ADC.

Michael “Bunny FuFuu” Kurylo: Support for Cloud9 – 0 Points – Unranked

Bunny FuFuu was in and out of the starting lineup for the entire split up to this week. Obviously, this is not a good situation you want to have to rely on for fantasy production. It was announced this past week that Bunny FuFuu would officially be moved to the second string lineup and Andy “Smoothie” Ta would take over as the full time starting support for Cloud9. So unless things change, which they probably will not, Bunny FuFuu will no longer be finding anytime in the LCS, making him useless for fantasy players. What happened with Bunny FuFuu this week is perhaps the worst loss a player can take in one week of LCS play.

Terry “Big” Chuong: Support for Echo Fox – 28.62 Points – #96 Overall

Echo Fox, like H2k, played the top two teams in their region. When you looked at the schedule and saw these two matches, you knew not to expect too much from Echo Fox and their support Big, who got the worst of what was yet another terrible week that saw EF fail to win a map. Big had just 23 assists, a number that was outdone by just about every other support player. Additionally, Big was able to put one kill on the board but found the gray screen even more than that, dying a total of 18 times throughout the weekend.

Yoo “Ryu” Sang-ook: Mid Laner for H2k-Gaming – 22.91 Points – #100 Overall

Ryu, like the rest of H2k, had to deal with playing Fnatic and G2 in the same week, which does not spell a productive fantasy week. There is really not much to note regarding Ryu this week, as he played the top two teams in his region and scored points that reflected that. Scoring four kills and 14 deaths, and half the amount of assists with just seven, Ryu also found no triple, quadra, or penta kills, and with just over 11 combined kills and assists, he had no games that scored him the extra two points for 10 combined kills and assists. H2k has proven they can do better and I expect them to recover from this week seeing they do not have a schedule nearly this difficulty for the rest of the split. 

Kevin “Kez” Jeon: Jungler for Echo Fox – 23.99 Points – #99 Overall

Kez moved into the starting jungle role for Echo Fox after he played one match in week six against Team Liquid. Unfortunately, this week of LCS play with Echo Fox did not go too well, but then again he had to play TSM and IMT in his first full week with the team, so it is not quite an accurate showing of his skill set. Still though, this performance landed him 99/100 players in week seven, which is well past worthy enough for a spot on the losers list. Finishing the week with a 3-17-15 KDA, notably more deaths than assists, this is not what you are looking for from a jungler.

All images gracousily provided by Riot Games via their official Flickr Page.

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