Fantasy LCS Winners and Losers: Week 3

Find out which players soared, and which players were fantasy busts for week three of the LCS.

Welcome to this week’s edition of fantasy winners and losers for the 2016 Summer Split.

Winners – Unowned Players

Son “SONSTAR” Seung-ik: AD Carry for Giants Gaming – 115.49 Points

SONSTAR was started in just 2% of leagues in week three of the European League Championship Series. A week that saw him lead the league not only in scoring with over 115 points, but also in kills, racking up 33 kills in the four matches he played. After this performance, his starting percentage has now jumped up 278%, even though he is still only owned in 12.5% of leagues. He finished the week with a 33-12-23 scoreline, certainly good enough for a spot on our winners list.

Rasmus “MrRalleZ” Skinneholm: AD Carry for FC Schalke 04 – 96.53 Points

Quite a few people are going to be hitting themselves after the show MrRalleZ put on in week three. In the days prior to the start of the week, he was dropped by a total of 1,837 teams. Though not as low as SONSTAR, MrRalleZ was on the starting lineup for just 13% of fantasy LCS players. He is also yet to see a spike in ownership; this could be attributed to the fact he was dropped by so many teams pre-week three, and his numbers are still recovering. Either way, he is certainly worth a look if he is available in your league.

Eugene “Pobelter” Park: Mid Laner for Immortals – 89.77 Points 1

Immortals found the pace they were looking for in week three going 4-0 in map count on the week after two swift matches against Echo Fox and the former second place team, Team EnVyUs. None of Pobelter’s numbers really jumped out at you and said “this is why he had nearly 90 points.” The veteran midlaner just played consistent League of Legends, finishing the week with a 8-12-29 KDA, and a CS total of 1,427. 54.97 of Pobelter’s points came in a 21 assist series against Team EnVyUs.

Kim “Trick” Gang-yun: Jungler for G2 eSports – 93.35

With this mention, Trick becomes the third European LCS player to be noted on this list. The South Korean lead all junglers in total points, five points ahead of the next best jungler. One standout point for Trick was the amount of assists he totaled; 44, a number good enough for second among junglers, although Trick had 11 less deaths than the man he trailed in that category, Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian. Trick’s deaths, or perhaps lack of them, is also something to note, as he watched the grey screen just five times throughout the week, resulting in very little point losses, making a solid week for the jungler all profit for his fantasy owners.

Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent: Support for Team EnVyUs – 83.24 Points

While Team EnVyUs lost second place in the NA LCS, their support Hakuho probably won quite a few people their fantasy matchup, and by quite a few we mean the 10% of people that had him in the starting lineup. Needless to say that number has changed, and his starting percentage has now jumped up 45%, although he remains unowned in 89% of leagues. He led the LCS in assists with 60 total, and fell just two points short of leading all supports in points earned.


Andy “Smoothie” Ta: Support for Cloud9 – 78.53

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson: AD Carry for Fnatic – 107.55

Na “Night” Gun-woo: Mid Laner for Giants Gaming – 94.40

Zachary “Sneaky”: Scuderi: AD Carry for Cloud9 – 101.88

Losers – Echo Fox

All of Echo Fox – 130.93

If you are an Echo Fox fan, we suggest skipping over this part because we are going to dedicate this entire first section to Echo Fox, who scored a combined total of 130.93 points. Now that might sound like a lot until we tell you that the highest scoring player this week was about 15 points away from that. The team has not won a game since week one, and their only series win is off of Phoenix1, the only team they lead in the standings. The gears are not moving the way they need to be, or perhaps at all for this team who desperately need a good week. It is worth noting that Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev was not benched due to performance issues, but rather a conflict with his visa; this is why there are two junglers listed below because both played in two games. It was also announced on June 21 that the team’s head coach David “Cop” Roberson would be leaving the squad.

Yuri “Keith” Jew: AD Carry – 39.33

Henrik “Froggen” Hansen: Mid Laner – 29.21

Park “Kfo” Jeong-hun: Top Laner – 23.80

Terry “Big” Chuong: Support – 16.06

Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev: Jungler – 14.47

Jonathan “Grigne” Armao: Jungler – 8.06

Lee “GBM” Chang-seok: Mid Laner for NRG eSports – 34.55 Points

This performance hits close to home for me as GBM and his lackluster performance this week cost me my own fantasy game. If you are like me and own GBM, this hurts even more knowing his upside, which we saw last week when he put up 91 points. This week, however, was much different. His 7-8-12 KDA was nothing to write home about, and neither was NRG’s overall performance this week. The team generally did not play too well, and that is reflected in GBM’s score. With such high expectations for him, a 34 point week is good enough for a spot on the losers list.

Lucas “Santorin” Larsen: Jungler for NRG eSports – 23.43 Points

After a 94 point week which earned him a spot on last week’s winners list, Santorin basically disappeared from relevance, earning an extremely disappointing 23 points. Similar to his teammate GBM, he had high expectations after a strong week and could not meet them. He concluded the week with a total of four kills and nine deaths. A sad week in general for all the NRG players, not just GBM and Santorin, though we highlighted them as they probably had the most people riding on them after such strong week two performances. NRG avoided getting their own section like Echo Fox thanks to them taking one game off Team Liquid, though still losing the series 2-1. 

Michael “BunnyFuFuu” Kurylo: Support for Cloud9 – 33.07 Points

I hesitated to put BunnyFuFuu on this list because this score is not all his fault. The ten man roster is getting the best of the support who only played in half of Cloud9’s game this week. Had he played in all six of them, he might have had a better week. Though when you look at the man that played in the other half of Cloud9’s games, Andy “Smoothie” Ta, you find the main reason to put BunnyFuFuu on this side of the list. Smoothie did much better than BunnyFuFuu, scoring over double his points with 78, and nearly doubling his assists. With the way Cloud9 has been playing him, you just cannot feel super confident putting him in your starting lineup, mainly because you never know what you are going to get out him.

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All photos graciously provided by Riot eSports via their official Flickr page.