31 October 2017 - 13:01

Check out these amazing fan-made sculptures of League of Legends champions

This YouTuber could give Riot a run for its money.
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The League of Legends community is full of talented individuals that use their skills to create wondrous works of art.

We have seen groups of people recreate Demacia in Minecraft, turn Summoner's Rift into a huge Lego creation, and create their own versions of skins they want to see in the future.

Now, a sculptor on YouTube has set his sights on creating some of the community's favorite champions into physical models.

Mankej recently showed off his recent work on YouTube in the form of a timelapse, showing how it all came together. It is a 36cm tall sculpture made out of resin and painted to match Victorious Elise's splash art pose.

The video itself goes into great detail on the process, showing how it starts off as a wire mesh and slowly transforms into the Victorious Elise that we know. The development can take up to several hours over multiple days to complete, testing the artist's patience and endurance.

Elise isn't the only sculpture that the YouTuber has done. Champions like Kha'Zix, Jhin, and Illaoi have all been created as well as characters from Overwatch and beyond.

Mankej is already on the lookout for his next project, so be sure to send along any of your suggestions.

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