Faker, T1 reveal early picks for LoL Worlds 2023 skins

More skins on the way.

T1's starting LoL lineup celebrates after a 2023 Summer Playoffs victory.
Photo via Riot Games

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship has concluded and its champions, T1, mostly know which champions they want for their skins.

After beating Weibo in the finals with a clean 3-0 in front of a packed crowd in South Korea to lift the Summoner’s Cup, T1 will be rewarded with a set of champion skins to cement their legacy. For mid laner Faker, this will be the fourth champion to get a skin in his honor with Zed, Ryze, and Syndra currently representing his three previous world championship wins.

At the Worlds Finals media day, T1’s roster was asked which skins they would like to receive sometime next year to cement their victory. It’s worth mentioning, though, that these picks aren’t locked in and are just what the players would like to choose, with Riot holding the rights to the final selection.

Still, here are T1’s early nominees for which champions they want to represent them.

  • Zeus: Jayce or Yone
  • Oner: Lee Sin
  • Faker: Hasn’t thought about it, but wants to choose a skin fans can enjoy.
  • Gumayusi: Jinx
  • Keria: Bard or Renata

Faker’s “choice” is the most surprising as it effectively follows a trend set by Doinb at the 2019 World Championship finals, when he said he would like to work with his community to decide which champion to pick before eventually choosing Malphite.

If fans truly do get a say in the latest Worlds skin for Faker, one pick that may come to mind is Ahri. A champion who is popular among fans, Faker even picked Ahri in the first match of the grand finals this year. Another candidate could be Azir, though the Emperor of the Sands already has an SKT Worlds skin from 2015 in honor of former mid laner Easyhoon.

League fans will likely learn more about which champions get locked in for the T1 Worlds skins in 2024.


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