Faker speaks out about solo queue match-fixers in latest press conference

They've targeted the star mid laner heavily in his solo queue journey.

Photo via Riot Games

After T1’s win today against Fredit BRION, Faker participated at a press conference where he shared his thoughts about the current season, the latest changes to the roster, and one major problem: the solo queue match-fixers in League of Legends.

While they are not a significant threat to players in most regions, players allegedly get paid to throw away solo-queued matches with famous professional players from the LCK and LPL so that certain bettors earn their lion’s share of the money. At the same time, other types of behavior impact all regions, such as intentionally throwing games even without getting any reward for it.

Faker spoke out in a heated manner during his solo queue stream where he was complaining about the solo queue match-fixers. In today’s press conference, he said he believed the main reason for his recent losses wasn’t match fixing, but instead was due to his performance. At the same time, he believes that Riot will address the behavior of these players adequately and hopes that the new solution should take into account every single player on the ladder, not just those of Challenger rank.

Players in lower elos or other regions might not encounter players who intentionally throw the game for money, but they might run into players who throw the match just because they didn’t get the champion they wanted, died repeatedly early on, or got focused by the opposing jungler, for instance. Several of them go undetected by dodging the current punishment system.

Some types of those behaviors begin early into the match. Even though players can report those who try to grief them during the draft phase, there’s no penalty system in place for the champion select screen yet, as per Riot’s latest update.

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