Faker shows off mechanical prowess with a perfect Lee Sin mid game in League solo queue

Don't try this at home.

Photo via Riot Games

Faker has once again brought a bruiser to the mid lane.

The Unkillable Demon King had a stellar performance on Lee Sin mid during his Twitch broadcast today, finishing the League of Legends match with 12 kills and zero deaths.

In one especially good play, a low-health Bard flashed away from Faker to the safety of his tower. But that didn’t scare off the T1 mid laner. The pro aggressively dove the turret, ward hopped toward the enemy Kassadin, and kicked him into the Bard to snag the kill.

The play would’ve been even more impressive if Faker could’ve finished off the Kassadin. But the Void Walker used Riftwalk (R) to escape with a sliver of health.

Faker ran teleport on Lee Sin, likely to take the champ’s mobility a step further with additional global presence. The summoner would also help if he fell behind with farming or needed to get a quick back off. Luckily for Faker, a botched enemy gank in the early stage of the game helped his team snag two kills and build an early lead.

It’s also important to note that Faker played Lee into Kassadin, who has a weak early game and struggles to farm before level six.

Lee mid is definitely an unorthodox role for the jungle champ, so we wouldn’t recommend you anger your teammates by trying it in your solo queue games. But in case you want to follow in Faker’s footsteps, you should at least be prepared.

Here’s Faker’s Lee Sin mid build.

Screengrab via op.gg

Faker opted to start the match with Cull, resigning himself to farming minions for a big payout. The enemy team’s early mishap helped him get some extra gold, paving the way to a Phage. Black Cleaver, a staple of Lee’s kit, was the first complete item Faker built, followed by Death’s Dance, Mercury Treads, Sterak’s Gage, and Guardian Angel.

This beefier itemization should give Lee plenty of damage, health, and sustain, helping you stay alive longer with plenty of escape routes. All of these items also pair well with the Conqueror and Triumph runes, giving Lee great healing the longer he stays in battle.

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