Faker leads T1 to a quick win over DRX in week 9 of the 2021 LCK Summer Split

The team looks outstanding going into the playoffs.

Faker giving his trademark thumbs up in the LCK Arena.
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Faker led T1 to a quick 2-0 series win over DRX in week 9 of the 2021 LCK Summer Split today.

With only a week remaining in the regular split, every win counts for the T1 squad, who didn’t have the greatest start of the split. While Faker was crucial in both wins for his team, he picked up only one MVP today, while the other went to Gumayusi. The AD carry picked up his vote after popping off in the first game on Jinx, doing a ton of damage from the backline while his frontline kept enemies at bay.

Faker picked up the second vote of the matchup after a stellar Ryze performance, where he kept applying pressure to his opponents even while his team fell behind in gold. His attack led to a strong turnaround towards the end of the match and gave T1 the quick sweep.

The first match kicked off with aggressive plays from both teams and T1 coming out on top in most early-game trades. T1 had an advantage when farming creeps and built a gold lead from the get-go, one they maintained until the end of the game. Even with a lot of early-game pressure, however, they were nearly giving away the dragons to DRX. T1 started prioritizing the third dragon once they saw its type to keep DRX from taking the possibly game-changing Dragon Soul. Gumayusi was crucial in T1’s midgame since he was the key damage dealer to deal with DRX’s frontline and helped lead his team to victory.

DRX went all-out in the second game and tried to match T1’s aggressiveness. They picked up early leads and secured multiple neutral objectives, putting them on the path to equalize the series. Faker’s immense pressure on Ryze pulled the brakes on their plans, however. He kept split pushing and dragging opposing members towards him, giving his team enough time to scale and sweep DRX.

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T1 (11-6) has one match left next week against Hanwha Life Esports before heading into the 2021 LCK Summer Split playoffs. The top four teams have 11 wins, and a crucial victory against Hanwha Life Esports could propel them to first place in the standings. Tune in next Sunday, Aug. 15, to see if T1 can finish the regular season on a high note.

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