Faker gets ganked, Faker gets a double kill with Pantheon

Enemy junglers never learn.

Photo via Riot Games

It seems like Faker may have to come with the disclaimer “gank at your own risk.”

The legendary T1 mid laner was able to turn an unfavorable one-vs-two situation into a double kill during his Twitch broadcast today.

The enemy Kindred tried to pull off a cheeky level-two gank since Faker had the mid wave pushed a bit too far. Knowing the jungler was on their way, the opposing Sylas immediately engaged on the veteran mid laner and put him in quite a precarious situation.

Fortunately for Faker, he had just hit level three on Pantheon and outleveled both his opponents by one. The pro effortlessly dodged the crowd control from Sylas’ Abduct (second cast of E) and turned his attention to Kindred. With a quick stun, Ignite, and Q combo, Faker was able to nab first blood.

All that remained was a full-health Sylas.

Despite being under half health, Faker used his Aegis Assault (E) and mitigated any damage the opposing mid laner could throw at him. With Sylas tanking the entire creep wave, he was forced to flash away toward his tower. But escape was futile.

Faker dove in with a quick flash and Q to secure the double kill and assert dominance over his opponents.

To see some more high-level gameplay, fans can tune in to Faker’s Twitch channel.