Excel Esports keep playoff hopes alive with win over Astralis in 2021 LEC Summer Split

Astralis tried their best to turn the situation around, but failed in the end.

Photo via Riot Games

Excel Esports took down Astralis in today’s 2021 LEC Summer Split match, keeping their playoff hopes alive.

Patrik picked up the player of the game in the League of Legends matchup with 41 percent of the votes, a slim lead over Nukeduck’s 40.8 percent. Both carries had a great performance with Nukeduck enabling his team with his global ultimate on Twisted Fate, while Patrik pumped out significant damage in teamfights.

The game kicked off with both teams farming safely and working towards their core items. While Excel tried to go for a couple of ganks with their Twisted Fate jumping in with his ultimate, Astralis usually supported the targeted lanes with a member close by or a teleport by MagiFelix on Orianna. The action started once the third dragon was revealed to be the Ocean. Both teams started funneling resources into acquiring it due to the sheer power of the Ocean Dragon Soul.

Excel picked up the three dragons and was one dragon away from the powerful buff, but Astralis fought tooth and nail to stop them. Astralis also stole the Baron shortly after and kept themselves in the game despite a huge gold deficit. It didn’t matter in the end, however. Excel outplayed their opponents in teamfights, secured the next teamfight win, and closed out the match.

The last playoff spot is within range of Astralis, Excel, and Team Vitality. There are a couple of scenarios where Excel fail to make playoffs, but the team needs to overcome the seemingly hard task of beating G2 Esports in their matchup tomorrow if they want to increase their chances of advancing.

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