Ex-Riot employee accuses unnamed former EU League shoutcaster of sexual assault

"I am still not brave enough to name him right now."

Image via Riot Games

An ex-Riot employee came forward last night, alleging that a former European League of Legends shoutcaster sexually assaulted them in 2014.

Criss Fowler explained that the unnamed shoutcaster allegedly put his hand under her skirt without asking and proffered a threesome. The former Riot employee said she then felt pressured to go to his hotel room but made herself vomit and left in an Uber.

“I am still not brave enough to name him right now,” Fowler said. “I was drunk and anxious and utterly convinced if I called him out, that my career in the game industry would be over before it had ever started.”

Fowler claims she was waiting on Riot to send her a contract that would finalize her employment. Since the alleged shoutcaster was well known, Fowler feared she might lose her chance of entering the gaming industry.

The former Rioter also alleges that the shoutcaster added her on social media and continued advances. But he “eventually stopped” after a couple of months of no responses.

Fowler added other instances of sexual misconduct and harassment within the game industry. A senior manager allegedly started rumors that she only got her job at Riot because her boyfriend at the time worked there. And another industry vet allegedly groped her in a cab after a PAX East 2014 after-party.

“It feels like such a betrayal – that this industry lures you in with your passion for games and this we’re-all-friends networking vibe, so you go in with your guard down,” Fowler said. “You don’t expect this of your heroes and friends. But that’s exactly what’s going on in our industry.”

Since June 20, dozens of women in the esports and gaming industry have shared their personal stories of sexual assault, harassment, or misconduct. This monumental #MeToo moment has caused alleged assaulters to lose their jobs and get permanently banned on Twitch.