Evil Geniuses’ Danny leads all LCS players in kills ahead of season’s final weekend

A handful of players are right on the rookie's heels, though.

Photo by Tina Jo via ESPAT/Riot Games

With just three games remaining on the LCS summer schedule for each team, the race for the postseason is heating up. But there’s a race between two players that’s gone far more unnoticed as the split winds down—and it’s arguably much more competitive. 

Heading into the final weekend of the regular season, Team Liquid AD carry Tactical and Evil Geniuses ADC Danny both sit at the top of the LCS in kills. Right now, Danny has the edge with 99 kills in the Summer Split, while Tactical is just behind him with 98. Both players have participated in 24 games this summer, and with three games left to play, the title of “LCS kill leader” is very much up for grabs. 

And although they’ve both already shattered last split’s record for kills, which was set by Dignitas’ Neo with 94, Danny and Tactical are nowhere near the all-time LCS single-split kill record. That title belongs to Jensen, according to League of Legends stats site Oracle’s Elixir, who set the bar with 256 kills back in the 2017 Summer Split—an astronomical record that might never be broken. 

Granted, LCS teams played in best-of-three series in 2017, which allowed Jensen to participate in 45 games over the course of a single split. This year, even though LCS teams play a 45-game regular season over the course of six months, Jensen’s record over 45 raw games still feels immensely out of reach heading into the final weekend of 2021. 

Considering Danny didn’t play in the Spring Split, it’d be up to Tactical to even come close to breaking Jensen’s 45-game record. To do so, he’d have to record 92 kills over Liquid’s final three games—snagging just under a kill per minute if Liquid’s average game time of 34 minutes this split is taken into account. Neo also has a shot at breaking Jensen’s 45-game record, but he’d have to kill 70 players in his final three contests.

And while Tactical and Danny race for the top spot in the kills race, two mid laners—EG’s Jiizuke and Golden Guardians’ Ablazeolive—each have 94 kills heading into the final weekend of the Summer Split. Should either of those players put up three solid performances this weekend, they could easily snatch the crown from either Danny or Tactical. 

EG and Liquid will face off on Saturday, July 31, in what will be each team’s penultimate game of the regular season. EG hold a one-game lead over Liquid in the LCS standings right now.

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