Everything we know about Renata Glasc, League of Legends’ possible next support

Not everyone can afford her support.

Image by Riot Games

League of Legends fans may have heard rumblings of a new support coming to the game early this year. And according to recent hints and teasers, the one candidate capturing the attention of fans is Renata Glasc, a businesswoman and the Baroness of Chemistry.

The first time Riot Games gave League fans any hints about Renata’s identity was in September 2021, when it released a Champion Roadmap. Along with a teaser for an electrifying ADC, who turned out to be Zeri, Riot talked about a support that “truly ran this game,” emphasizing three main topics: money, technology, and power. 

On Jan. 26, a TFT unit called Renata was data-mined from the Chinese mobile spin-off of TFT, named Battle for the Golden Spatula. It’s widely believed that she could be the next support coming to the Rift.

Here’s everything we know about Renata so far.

This is Renata Glasc, Baroness of Chemistry

A website about a Zaunian chemical industry surfaced on Jan. 28, listing Renata Glasc as its founder. “To make Chemtech affordable, beautiful, and accessible for all” is the motto of Glasc Industries, the company founded and run by Renata—a girl born to two brilliant and generous alchemists. 

Renata’s parents were experts in the healing arts, philanthropists from Zaun who gave everything to help others. The two alchemists were so generous that they often asked for nothing in return for their work, leaving their daughter to suffer hunger and poverty from the time she was a child. Unfortunately for them, their studies attracted the attention of the leaders of the elite clans of Piltover, and on one fateful night, Renata lost her parents and her arm. From that moment on, she dedicated herself to transforming her parents’ small, selfless dream into something greater: an empire founded on money and loyalty. 

Her story appeared briefly on the Brazilian Portuguese version of the League universe website on Jan. 28, but it was taken down. Like many others from Zaun, Renata went through many hardships, according to the page. But she never gave up, growing to become powerful and influential thanks to her “products” that helped her acquire the title of “the Baroness of Chemistry.” On the Glasc Industries website, League fans can learn about the company’s founder and history, its motto, values, and objectives. But above all else, the site mentions the two product lines offered by Renata. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

The luxury line is designed to fulfill “your greatest desire,” while the diffusion one commits to meeting the “needs” of whoever buys it. Renata wants to create an empire built on her products and on the power of money and loyalty that derives from them. If she succeeded in doing so in Piltover and Zaun, who would say she can’t succeed in making the Rift her next acquisition?

Speculation about Renata’s abilities

Since September 2021, many hints and information about Renata have been revealed. Keeping in mind everything we know about her so far, we’ve tried to imagine what effects her abilities could bring to the Rift—if she does in fact join the game. 

First of all, she might be classified as a support, but she seems set to be unlike any we’ve seen before. She’s the one “calling the shots,” she’s the one in charge, according to the Champion Roadmap. And at the center of her story and goal, there’s one thing: money.

She never helps anyone “for free,” and what those in need can’t pay, “she charges in loyalty,” according to her story. The Glasc Industries website says she’s a businesswoman, the best in Zaun, who sells “exclusive product creations.” From “self-defense solutions” to “augmented limb technology,” if you need a solution to your problem, Renata probably has it. 

It would be plausible to think she could be paid by her teammates to give them exclusive items or even buffs. We already have examples of existing League champions that share money with their teammates, like Pyke, and others that can give exclusive items, like Ornn. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

Her story on the Glasc Industries website also mentions a chemical explosion that released poisonous smoke in Zaun. The incident had a deep effect on the city, and at that moment, Glasc Industries came forward offering tools to help everyone breathe properly, for free. It could be possible for Renata to have an ability that throws poisonous gas, affecting everyone except for those who have a basic respirator to counter it. That would explain the mask that she can be seen wearing in the various leaked icons.

In addition, to fulfill her needs and wishes, it’s said Renata sends “[her people] to almost certain death,” which could be tied to an objective-rewarding system. And last but not least, another sentence to be highlighted among Renata’s description is “power to turn your enemies against each other.” That’s much more cryptic than other possible hints at her abilities, since, as of now, it’s not possible for League players to kill their own allies. 

But while we speculate on the potential abilities of the Baroness of Chemicals, she’s already planning her next move, so all we can do is wait for Riot to give us more information on what Renata has in mind for the champions on the Rift.

This article will be updated as we learn more details about Renata.