Everfrost gets damage and cooldown nerfs, Turbo Chemtank to have power shifted in League’s Patch 11.7

The change list is here with plenty of buffs and nerfs in store.

Image via Riot Games

As we approach yet another League of Legends update next week, Riot Games’ gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter dropped the full change list for the game’s upcoming Patch 11.7 today.

The list for item changes isn’t as numerous as the champion list, but there are a few key items that will be getting some significant adjustments next week. Everfrost, for example, will have its active damage reduced from 125 plus 35 percent AP to 100 plus 30 percent AP, while its active cooldown is being increased by 10 seconds as well.

Both Essence Reaver and Lord Dominik’s Regards are getting their price adjusted, too. The former will have its cost cut by 100 gold and its AD reduced by 10, while the latter will have its cost increased by 100 gold and its AD reduced by five.

As for item buffs, Serylda’s Grudge is getting its cost cut by 200 gold next patch. Trinity Force is seeing changes across multiple aspects, with its AD being increased by five, its attack speed reduced by five, and its mythic passive being changed from 10 percent attack speed to three AD, three movement speed, and three ability haste.

The final big change is coming to Turbo Chemtank, which is getting its supercharged movement speed reduced from 75 percent to 60 percent. Although this is a nerf to the item’s mobility, the developers are shifting power into the supercharged slow effect, which is increasing from 40 percent to 50.

Chemtank’s movement speed was a huge reason why champions like Udyr and Hecarim were buying the item, but this could also help them close the gap on their enemies with a better slowing effect. The item should still be a priority pick for these champions and other bruisers looking to chase down their opponents for a pick.

Patch 11.7 should hit the live servers on Wednesday, March 31.

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