Evelynn’s new abilities have been revealed, and they’re just as scary as you’d expect

Teleporting, disappearing, and pretty much anything else scary headline her set.

Image via Riot Games

Evelynn’s teaser was released only a few days ago, her splash art was revealed this morning, and now we know what her abilities will be.

Her new kit was revealed today on the League of Legends regional YouTube accounts, like France, Malaysia, and Singapore. It’s just as scary as you’d expect. Get ready for teleporting, morphing into shadows, and gigantic, nightmarish whips. Kinky.

At first glance, it looks like Evelynn is retaining her reliance on using spikes for her abilities, but now, they’re actually really cool looking. The ability trailer also showcased her ability to seemingly disappear and morph into shadows, also amplified versions of her old kit.

There’s also something new, it seems. She will be able to somehow morph through walls, possibly like Kayn’s ability, but with a unique twist.

We should know for sure soon, because with her abilities revealed today, she’ll probably be on the PBE very soon, perhaps within the next few days. If she arrives on the PBE for the current cycle, that also means her update should go live in a couple of weeks.