Evelynn’s major update is arriving with Patch 7.20 tomorrow

I'm sorry, the old Evelynn can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead.

Image via Riot Games

Evelynn’s major champion update has been in the works for months, and Riot has been keeping us updated on every step of the project, including goals for the rework, estimated time of completion, and more. Information on the rework was even leaked to Reddit in March.

After over half a year of waiting, the new Evelynn will finally be here tomorrow, according to the official patch notes. Here’s everything we know so far.

She’s a shadowy succubus, and it shows

Image via Riot Games

Riot is going all in on Eve’s champion identity, just like they did for Urgot and Galio’s reworks earlier this year. She’s a succubus that lives, thrives, and hunts in the shadows. Her admittedly scarce clothes are made of shadows, and she hunts by luring lustful men into the darkness until they’re at their most vulnerable, and then she cuts them down.

When you play a champion in League of Legends, it’s always a more fun experience if it really feels like you’re playing a unique individual. Evelynn’s abilities, voiceover, and art are all fueled with lust, temptation, and more innuendos than we can count. Some of her voice lines aren’t even innuendos, they just straight up refer to sex.

When you play the new Evelynn, you’ll really feel like you’re playing as a hungry, shadowy succubus. Hopefully she’s viable enough to justify actually playing, though.


Just like any other major champion update this year, Evelynn’s skins are all being redone as well.

Tango Evelynn

Image via Riot Games

Masquerade Evelynn

Image via Riot Games

Shadow Evelynn

Image via Riot Games

Safecracker Evelynn

Image via Riot Games

Her abilities are terrifying

Image via Riot Games

Evelynn’s abilities tote high mobility, quick crowd control, and a lot of damage. She’s an assassin through and through, and a difficult one at that. Most of her abilities have primary and secondary functions, depending on what form she’s in, rewarding skillful players for their game knowledge.

Passive: Demon Shade

After avoiding combat for a few seconds, Eve enters into her Demon Shade form. This form doesn’t grant her camouflage until she hits level six. It grants her bonus health regen and empowers her abilities to deal more damage and more special effects. That means the use for her passive at early levels will be to proc her abilities’ bonuses and boost her camp clear with the health regen. After she hits six, the annoying invisible ganks are back.

Q: Hate Spike

Evelynn’s new Hate Spikes involve a little bit more than just mashing Q for a few seconds when you enter combat, but only barely. Now, it starts out as a skill shot. When she lashes out in a straight line, if the lash hits an enemy, her next three spells or attacks will deal bonus damage. After landing the initial lash, she can reactivate her Q three times to fire lines of spikes at the target she is currently attacking, which plays very similarly to her old Q.

W: Lust Dust

Apart from sounding really dirty, Lust Dust is Eve’s primary tool for ganking. It’s a point and click ability that causes the victim to be cursed. If Eve hits the cursed target with spells or basic attacks, the curse will be expunged and the target will be slowed by quite a lot. If she waits a few seconds before attacking the cursed target, expunging it will charm the target as well.

E: Whiplash

Evelynn whips a target with her lashes, applying on-hit effects and dealing a chunk of the target’s maximum health. It also grants her a rather large movement speed boost. When Eve enters Demon Shade form, her next Whiplash is empowered, causing it to drag Eve to the target before impaling them, dealing damage and effects to all champions near the victim as well.

R: Widowmaker

Evelynn’s ultimate makes her invulnerable for a few seconds and decimates enemies in a sweeping cone in front of her, dealing extra damage to low-health enemies. Evelynn then teleports backwards a large distance, making this the perfect getaway and tower-diving tool.

As a jungler, Evelynn’s camp clear and gank potential should be stellar, but she is losing her signature invade pressure, since her passive will no longer cause her to be invisible until she hits level six.

It will take a couple of weeks for players to figure out her new kit, but she sure looks fun. Even if she’s only remotely viable, it seems like a massive step up on the current Evelynn—an extremely outdated champion that simply doesn’t hold up against any champion from the past three years.