EU LCS 2016 Summer Split: Day 1 Week 1 Recap

Here is your recap for the first day of the EU LCS 2016 Summer Split.

Today marked the beginning of the 2016 European League Championship Series (EU LCS) Summer Split.

From G2 Esports showing that they are prepared to win the EU LCS again, to FC Schalke 04 winning their inaugural match, here is how Day 1, Week 1 went down:

(1-0) G2 Esports 2-0 Origen (0-1)

Game 1 of the EU LCS Final rematch was extremely one-sided for G2, as shown by the team kills going in favor of G2 9-2. G2’s mid laner Perkz led the charge by going 5/0/2 on Fizz, while the rest of G2 played well. G2 gained a gold lead around nine minutes and never looked back.

Vastly different than the first game, Game 2 was a 50 minute slugfest. OG ended up leading in team kills 14-7, led by OG top laner sOAZ going 7/1/4 as Fizz and OG mid laner PowerOfEvil going 4/0/4 as Viktor. G2 commanded the objectives, getting five Dragons and two Barons to OG’s single Dragon and Baron. However, in the late game, G2 prevailed, taking the win.

G2 looks as strong as they did at the end of last split, showing that their performance at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational was a fluke. OG looks strong, but still has a lot to improve if they can take G2’s crown.

(0-1-0) H2k-Gaming 1-1 ROCCAT (0-1-0)

Game 1 saw H2k take an early lead, which was eventually destroyed by ROC who aced H2k and pushed objectives to complete the comeback. Led by ROC ADC Steelback, who went 3/0/10 as Jhin, ROC won the team kills 15-9.

Game 2 saw H2k slaughter ROC. H2k took an early kill lead and never looked back, winning the kills 22-5. Everyone on H2k put up a nice stat-line, but it was H2k mid laner Ryu who stuck out by nabbing a quadra kill as Viktor to end the game.

H2K looks prepared to be competitive for their first LCS crown, given how they performed for most of the two games. ROC looks like they could develop into something capable of giving teams a challenge.

(1-0) FC Schalke 04 2-0 Unicorns of Love (0-1)

Game 1 saw a strong performance by S04, who won the team kills 16-4 and grabbed five Dragons and two Barons to UOL’s zero and zero. All of S04 put up strong stats, led particularly by the top lane (Steve) and bot lane (MrRalleZ and sprattel) that remained deathless throughout the game.

Game 2 followed the same pattern, with the team kills going in favor of S04 25-2. S04 jungler Gilius joined the deathless club by going 8/0/8 as Elise. UOL sputtered throughout both games, looking simply outmatched.

S04 looks prepared to play for a playoff spot, absolutely destroying UOL, who looks like a shell of the team they were last split.

(0-1-0) Splyce 1-1 Team Vitality (0-1-0)

Game 1 saw nearly-relegated Splyce routing Vitality. The team kills went in favor of Splyce 9-1. Splyce’s dominant game was led by ADC Kobbe (6/0/3 as Lucian) and support Mikyx (1/1/8 as Bard).

Game 2 saw Vitality bounce back with a routing of their own. The team kills went in favor of Vitality 12-4. Vitality was led by mid laner Nukeduck, who went 3/0/8 as Lissandra, and top laner Cabochard, who went 6/1/5 as Maokai.

Splyce looks stronger than most would have expected by giving Vitality a beatdown, but it could be a fluke given the way Vitality controlled the second game.

(1-0) Fnatic 2-0 Giants Gaming (0-1)

Game 1 saw Fnatic dominating Giants, as shown by the team kills 23-9. Fnatic support YellOwStar did not disappoint, going 0/2/17 as Braum in his first competitive match since returning to EU from Team SoloMid.

Game 2 was much like Game 1, except Fnatic died less and killed more, winning the team kills 25-3. Again, YellOwStar did well, going 1/0/21 as Janna. The rest of Fnatic put up very strong stat-lines: top laner Gamsu going 4/0/15 as Ekko, jungler Spirit going 3/1/12 as Lee Sin, mid laner Febiven going 9/0/10 as Azir and ADC Rekkles going 8/2/10 as Kalista.

Fnatic looks prepared to reclaim their EU LCS throne, whereas Giants look like they could be facing relegation again.

What are your thoughts on the first day of the EU LCS 2016 Summer Split? Who do you think will take the crown? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter – @GAMURScom