Essence Emporium is now live in League of Legends

Save your RP, you’ll only need Blue Essence for this sale.

Image via Riot Games

The Essence Emporium event is now live in League of Legends for the second time this year.

The Essence Emporium is a bi-annual event that allows League players to spend their hard-earned Blue Essence in the in-client shop since select items that are usually locked behind Riot Points can be purchased without spending any real-world currency for a limited time. 

Until Dec. 1, League players with stockpiled Blue Essence will be able to purchase unique rewards, including summoner icons, chromas, emotes, and an exclusive skin. Other services such as experience boosts and summoner name changes are also 50 percent off during the event.

Random summoner icons can be purchased for 2,000 Blue Essence, while two Essence Emporium-specific emotes are available for 50,000 and 75,000 Blue Essence apiece. The relatively rare Urfwick skin, which only goes on sale on special occasions, is available in the in-client shop for 150,000 Blue Essence.

Individual chromas dating back to 2015 can be purchased for 2,000 Blue Essence each. Chromas for over 100 skins, many of which were released in 2021, are available through the Essence Emporium. Additional emerald-colored Partner Program chromas for skins such as Coven LeBlanc, Battle Academia Jayce, and others are available for 10,000 Blue Essence each.

The Essence Emporium event will last through Dec. 1 in League.

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