#esportstime – Origen vs. Fnatic – Old Guard vs. New Guard

Analysis & Prediction of the hyped matchup Origen vs Fnatic on Week 4 of the EU LCS - #ESPORTSTIME - Origen vs. Fnatic - Old Guard vs. New Guard


Coming into week 4, we will have the most hyped and anticipated matchup of the Summer Split of the 2015 EU LCS. The Old kings of Europe will be matching up against the new kings of Europe. Xpeke and crew will be playing against Yellowstar and crew for the first place in the EU LCS.

Both teams are living up to their names and previous hype. Some might have thought that Origen would only be a top 5 and not a top 3 team coming into the summer split, but they proved every single one of them wrong. They showed us good, diverse and clean play to show everyone how good they are !

So let’s take a moment to analyze and predict the matchup.


00:00 Introduction
02:00 Fnatic Analysis
05:00 Origen Analysis
07:20 Lane Matchups
14:30 Predictions