English LPL caster team leaving China due to coronavirus concerns

In the interest of personal safety, the LPL casting team will be leaving China.

Photo via Riot Games

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in China, Joe “Munchables” Fenny and the rest of the English LPL casting team will be flying back home until the situation surrounding the pandemic is under more control, the broadcasters announced earlier today.

Two days ago, the LPL announced that it’s postponing the second week of the season “until [they] can ensure the safety and health of [their] players and fans.” There wasn’t a timeline given as to when they planned to return, but as for the casters, they aren’t going to be waiting around while everything happens.

“We don’t really know the extent of how dangerous it is, but it seems like it could be a lot worse than people are saying,” Munchables said in a video. “We’re going to play it safe on this one, so we’re going to be leaving in the next couple of days.”

Munchables also reassured fans that no one from the casting team was showing any symptoms of the sickness, but that they’re all willing to be vetted and checked out upon entering their home countries. He said that he and the team would try to create some LPL-based content once they were all settled at home.

At time of writing, the coronavirus has been caught by over 3,000 people, with the death toll rising to over 80. The sickness has also spread to multiple other countries, like the U.S., U.K., Canada, and South Korea.

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