Ender encounters invisible raptor camp bug during League stream

The camp looked empty to Ender since level one.

Image via Riot Games

LEC color caster Christy “Ender” Frierson encountered a game-breaking bug during one of his many jungle camp clears on stream today. The glitch made his raptor camp look empty for almost 10 minutes, when in fact, the final raptor was just invisible.

At the beginning of the game, the opposing team’s Lee Sin counter-jungled Ender and took his raptor camp. As Ender cleared out more of his jungle, he noticed that it hadn’t spawned back yet, even though it had already been more than enough time since its death to return.

Upon further inspection, however, he realized that there was a solitary raptor still in the camp—except it was invisible, unless you moved your cursor on top of it. This final raptor prevented the camp from spawning back in, and as a result, it looked like the camp was perpetually cleared.

It might not have been a big deal to Ender since he had a huge CS lead on the enemy jungler, but another player could be put at a significant disadvantage if that happens in a different League of Legends game. The raptor camp is pretty essential for full clear experience pre-15 minutes.

Keeping the raptors invisible and cleared also gives the opposing team false information. They might think the enemy jungler is on their side of the jungle since the camp is always “taken.” This will make their top laner play a lot more passively because they’ll think a gank is on its way.

Right now, it’s unknown if the bug can be replicated, but Riot Games and the League community should remain vigilant. If more instances of this glitch occur, it should be reported so that it can be hotfixed out of the game.

Patch 10.6 will be hitting the live servers on Wednesday, March 18.