EMEA players are finally getting League Champions Queue

It was only a matter of time.

Image via Riot Games

After jealously looking at North American players reveling in the joys and miseries of League of Legends Champions Queue for almost a year now, EMEA players are now getting dedicated Champions Queue for themselves.

EMEA region players will have the option to queue for Champions Queue starting Jan. 24, according to an announcement from LoL Esports today. Kicking off alongside the 2023 LEC Winter Split, EMEA’s Champions Queue will finally give pros a safe spot under the sun to practice among the best, emphasize their qualities, and play more intriguing games closer to their true skill level.

Similar to NA’s Champions Queue, you can only start playing with the pros once you get the official invitation from Riot. But it comes with additional treats such as a private Discord server, a leaderboard system, and automatic lobby creation.

The first split of Champions Queue will start on Jan. 24 and will take place until Feb. 23. This will be followed by a short break and split two lasting from Feb. 28 to March 31. There will also be the MSI split, split three from May 30 to June 30, and split four starting on July 4 and ending on Aug. 11.

Players from LEC starting lineups, substitutes, accredited ERL starting lineup players, and ex-pro players will have immediate access to Champions Queue and EMEA CQ Player Council, which will be established a few weeks in EMEA Champions Queue, and will ensure appropriate behavior on the server as well as decide who gets to play with the pros.  


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