EDG overwhelm Top Esports, advance to 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs upper bracket finals

The team made quick work of their opponents, picking up the clean 3-0 win to advance to the next round.

Photo via Riot Games

EDward Gaming knocked Top Esports down to the lower bracket of the 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs today with a one-sided 3-0 series win.

The odds were against TES, who had a decent showing throughout the split. But decent isn’t enough to take down EDG, who have steamrolled most of their opponents so far. The squad, led by Viper in the bottom lane, made quick work of TES and sent them down to face RNG.

The MVP votes for EDG went to Scout and Meiko. Meiko’s engages on Alistar and Rell crushed TES and allowed EDG to secure multiple teamfights off the back of their engages. Scout, on the other hand, played Ryze and Sylas to stomp his opponent and carry teamfights with his aggressive playstyle.

This League of Legends series began with a huge stomp by EDG, who had the game in control by the fifth minute. Scout’s Ryze became a massive threat after picking up a couple of early-game kills, roaming to help his side laners before picking up the first win of the series in 27 minutes.

After Scout’s strong performance on Ryze, TES banned it to try to control the opposing mid laner. While the plan worked briefly, it didn’t matter once the game got to the teamfighting stage. With a fed Sylas fronted by a tanky battle line, EDG won a crucial teamfight in the middle lane before closing out the second game.

Going into the third game, TES pulled out all of their comfort picks and built a great composition. But they once again let Scout have Sylas, one of the most powerful picks in the current meta. The star mid laner took over the game in teamfights, helping his team secure the clean sweep over TES and advance to the next round.

EDG will now face FunPlus Phoenix in the upper bracket on April 11. With how strong the remaining four teams in the double-elimination LPL playoff bracket look, there’s a chance for either RNG or TES to cut them down to size in the lower bracket finals.

The LPL playoffs continue on April 10 with RNG vs. TES at 4am CT.

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