Dynamic Group Queues and the consequences on Elo-Boosting

Hello Readers, As many of you know, a new Ranked Season is about to start and as usual there are millions of people trying to grind the ladder in order to get that sweet juicy rank theydesire every season.

Hello Readers,

As many of you know, a new Ranked Season is about to start and as usual there are millions of people trying to grind the ladder in order to get that sweet juicy rank they desire every season.

This season Riot will bring a few changes to their ranked system including a Dynamic Group Queue system on SoloQ, similar to what Valve implemented on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Let me explain you this system a bit while comparing this one to the old system:

Season 5 SoloQ: You could join a ranked game alone or only with one more player you wanted to invite (also called duoQ) who wasn’t two tiers above your tier. If you duoQ’d it was a very high chance that you were being matched against another duo partners.

Season 6 SoloQ: You will be able to join a ranked game with not only one more player but you can also add two, three or even four players to your ranked soloQ team making your soloQ experience a full team party. The system about your team mates can’t be two tiers about you still remains and based on the ammount of friends you invited to your soloQ game there is also a very high chance that you are going to be matched against the same amount of premades on the enemy team. There will still be Ranked Team Ladder available but with some changes not releaved yet.

Source: Riot Games 

About soloQ… Everyone at some time has already had a similar thought like this: “No way this guy belongs to this rank, this guy is a boostee/boosted! I hate this game!” (Unless you’re Faker).

Yes, my beloved readers, there IS and WILL ALWAYS be people who are able to boost (The bostees) and people who are willing to receive their services (The boosteds). This act is known as Elo-Boosting and consists of someone who is higher ranked than you just pick up your account (or also duoQ on a Smurf account (secondary accounts) and grinds the soloQ ladder.

With this 2016 Dynamic Group Queue Update it worries me that the Elo-boosting problem is going to grow up and more, it will be harder to trace.

Despite tiers restrictions implemented by Riot Games on the past season, Elo-Boosting still remained pretty active in the community. Most of the boostees don’t only own a single League of Legends account but also own a wide range of ranks Smurfs. 

Source: Urban dictionary


While in the past season you could only duoQ with a booster, this season it will be possible to premade with 4 higher ranked placed players (And I’m not talking about a guy who is Silver V being placed with a Silver II booster, This article is about people who get boosted by people who are two tiers above theirs). 

This will mask even more the problem of Elo-boosting since If you are premaded with Smurfs it will be even harder than last season for Riot to trace it.

About solutions? I actually don’t have a definitive solution but I think the best way to handle this problem since Riot Games want to implement Dynamic Queues is the following: Player 1 can premade with Player 2 (Or Also Player 3, Player 4, Player 5) for like, imagine, 10 games. After the 10 games ALL the players who were premade will need to do 5 solo games. If the performance of this 5 games are a lot different from the past 10 premade games, the player will be target of investigation by Riot.

What do you guys think? Leave me your honest opinion!

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