The Duskblade of Draktharr: Why this lethality item is suddenly running the meta

This item rose to stardom overnight—and if your champ can't build it, you're out of luck.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 7.14 arrived this week, and something unexpected came with it. A buff to both the Serrated Dirk and the Duskblade of Draktharr brought the Duskblade so high up the AD item tier list that your champion is considered weak if they can’t build it properly.

Between the insane buff to Thornmail that applies Grievous Wounds to attackers, negating lifesteal ADs, and other humongous buffs to Singed, Cho’Gath, and Taric, no one expected the Duskblade of Draktharr buff to outshine them all. There’s no doubt that the item is on top of the game right now. Even if that means nerfs will soon follow, it’s nice for ADCs and AD assassins to have a new OP item of the week for the time being.

The buffs to the Dankblade added something very important that ADCs don’t get a lot of nowadays—reliable burst damage. With the importance of Critical Strike outweighing almost any other possible build, ADCs lives are fraught with high cost items and the element of RNG. This isn’t necessarily bad, as they’re also the role that most often carries games nowadays, and it’s honestly in a better spot than it’s been in months, but that doesn’t mean that their item builds don’t get frustrating.

This is the same reason that the Blade of the Ruined King was rushed on nearly every AD champion after it was freshly buffed earlier this year. Early, reliable damage is a very sought-after stat for all AD champions, marksmen and assassins alike, and that’s exactly what they get out of the Duskblade.

For starters, the Serrated Dirk’s out of combat movement speed passive was replaced by a passive that lets the wielder’s next auto attack to deal a chunk of bonus damage after they kill an enemy minion, champion, or monster. This is a lot of bonus damage that an assassin or jungler can reliably count on when engaging in fights. On top of that though, the Duskblade’s proc specifically is not a flat amount of damage, meaning it’s the same damage no matter what, every time, without an RNG element. Oh, and now it has a slow applied to it, so it gives AD champs some kite and chase potential. Combine that with the item’s new cooldown reduction stat, and you’ve got one strong item.

If you’re an ADC or wanting to try out the new champion, Kayn, in the jungle, consider giving the new Duskblade a try. At least before it gets nerfed.