DRX stay undefeated in 2020 LCK Summer Split after win over Afreeca Freecs

Deft led his team to a turnaround in game two.

Deft gets 1000 kills
Photo via Riot Games

DRX took down Afreeca Freecs in a two-game League of Legends series after ADC Deft dismantled the opposition. With today’s win, DRX have held onto their winning streak going into week three of the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

The bottom lane of DRX picked up both Player of the Game awards. Support Keria picked up the first after an outstanding performance on Braum, while Deft picked up the second after bringing his team back from the brink of defeat in game two.

The first game was a blast with DRX securing a superior draft and executing it better. Chovy alongside Keria were crucial with their crowd control abilities to catch AFS members and allow other members to finish them.

With superior Dragon control, DRX secured the Ocean Dragon Soul and finished the first game without much of a fight.

The second game was close early on. Both teams traded dragons and Heralds left and right. AFS secured a lead going into the mid-game which allowed them to maintain the dragon lead and secure the Infernal Dragon Soul later on.

With the Infernal Dragon Soul, they were strong in team fights, but DRX’s Deft stopped them in their tracks. With his signature Ezreal pick and superior mechanics, he helped his team come back into the game and maintain their undefeated score.

Although DRX won this series, the second win was too close for them to be comfortable.

DRX will face Team Dynamics and SeolHaeOne Prince next week. They are currently sitting at the top LCK Summer Split standings. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LCK channel next week to see if DRX can maintain their undefeated streak.