Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is on his way to Summoner’s Rift

Heimerdinger is the third champion to join the Dragon Trainer skin line.

Image via Riot Games

Following its cute teaser trailer last Sunday, Riot Games has officially announced the next champion in its Dragon Trainer skin line—Heimerdinger.

Riot has posted multiple new social media teaser videos for the skin, featuring Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger’s in-game model, recall animation, and dance, as well as his turrets in their normal and upgraded forms. Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger’s standard turret is an adorable dragon in a little cup, while the upgraded turret is a much bigger (but equally cute) dragon sitting atop a slab of wood.

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger himself boasts a red and blue color scheme, and he seems to have a little red dragon on his head at all times. Two more dragons pop out from either side of Heimerdinger during his character dance, and they look just like the dragon on his head.

While Riot’s first teaser for the skin was released on Sunday, the Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger skin idea was first conceived over a year ago. Freelance concept artist Vlad Bacesu first posted his imagining of Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger in 2017 on his ArtStation account.

Heimerdinger is the third champion to join the Dragon Trainer skin line. The first was Dragon Trainer Lulu, which launched in 2012 for 1,350 Riot Points. At the end of 2015, Dragon Trainer Tristana was released for 1,820 RP. With his new dance and turret models, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger will most likely also cost 1,820 RP.

Heimerdinger saw a surge in popularity this summer thanks to balance changes. As AD carries saw less viability, Heimerdinger began to be played in the bot lane more and more, in both ranked and professional play, too

Riot has yet to announce a price and release date for Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger.