Doublelift says that the Rogue vs. TSM matchup is “pretty even” on stream

TSM has had several rough performances over the past few weeks.

Photo via Riot Games

Team Liquid’s superstar AD carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has weighed in on the Rogue vs. TSM debate that has been making the rounds in the League of Legends community.

“I think it’s pretty even,” the former TSM player said. “You can make arguments for either side. Like, I cant say I’ve watched a ton of Rogue’s games, I’ve only watched a couple.”

Compared to seasons past, TSM has had a rough 2019 LCS Summer Split. The team is sitting at a 9-7 record after losing another game to 100 Thieves in week eight. TSM has also gone 1-1 for five weeks in a row, which is unacceptable for a top-tier team looking to push hard for the playoffs.

With the level of talent TSM has on its roster, these types of performances are simply not good enough. The lineup doesn’t look like it has found its identity yet and, with only one week left in the split, it might be too late.

Rogue, on the other hand, has looked surprisingly decent over the past few weeks. Even though the team has a 4-8 record, this rookie roster has managed to take down Fnatic and Origen, two teams at the top of the LEC regular standings. Rogue also plays in a tougher region than TSM and has younger, more inexperienced players—by all accounts, TSM should be performing better than this roster.

That, however, might be the reason why Rogue could take down TSM. The competition is much more fierce than the LCS, and Rogue has gotten games in against some of the best teams in the world. Meanwhile, TSM has been able to coast against lesser teams over in North America for quite a while.

Although we’ll probably never get to see TSM face off against Rogue, it’s an interesting debacle that ultimately represents the state of both leagues. What does this argument say about North America’s strength as a region if people are agreeing that one of Europe’s bottom tier teams could probably take a game off of one of North America’s best?