Doublelift explains how CLG failed to get a visa for Xmithie in time for Worlds 2015 bootcamp

The team was forced to practice with Huhi as a replacement jungler or have Xmithie play on 300 ping.

Photo via Riot Games

Counter Logic Gaming has been in the spotlight a ton over the past 2021 Summer Split, but not for the best reasons. The longstanding LCS organization has been criticized multiple times for the way it handled a number of situations with the League of Legends team. In his most-recent stream, former star AD carry Doublelift revealed the org was already struggling back when he was on the team in 2015.

According to the 28-year-old, the team failed to acquire a visa for former pro jungler Xmithie in time before they flew out to bootcamp for the 2015 World Championship. As a result, they were forced to practice with current 100 Thieves support Huhi as a temporary jungler or Xmithie could play with 300 ping from wherever he was in North America.

“We’re literally about to qualify for Worlds, we’re going up to the [LCS] finals,” Doublelift said. “We have a week or month for the organization to apply for his visa, so he can go to Worlds in case we win. The org is so dogshit that they didn’t even think about it until after we went to the bootcamp. We just won and we’re so hyped for Worlds, and then they’re like, ‘Bad news guys, we didn’t apply for the visa and looks like [Xmithie] might not be able to play at Worlds.'”

Xmithie would eventually be able to attend the tournament, but the team would have a pretty bad showing by finishing with a 2-4 record in the group stage. Every NA team would also be eliminated in the group stage, and SK Telecom T1 would end up the champions of the world.

This also follows up after CLG’s disastrous 2021 Summer Split, where the team finished the year as the worst team in the league. The management also had a horrendous lapse of judgement when they released a behind-the-scenes video showing the team’s general manager Tafokints talking to the team, revealing to them that this “might be the last time that we have this roster of five playing.”

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