Doublelift calls out Locodoco on stream: “He doesn’t have the skills to back up the ego”

The pair haven't been on good terms since playing together in 2012.

Photo via Riot Games

Team Liquid’s AD Carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng went on a Twitch tirade earlier today, calling out former teammate Choi “Locodoco” Yoon-seop.

“I don’t think he’s very smart,” Doublelift said on stream. “He comes off as like he thinks he’s really really intelligent, but he doesn’t have the skills to back up the ego. He’s been fired from every job that he’s tried to hold on to desperately.”

The comment comes after Locodoco’s criticism of Doublelift in North America’s League of Legends Championship Series. Locodoco has maintained the opinion that Korean support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in has been carrying the bot lane, and he’s pinpointed Doublelift’s sloppiness for the team’s slow and boring playstyle.

Team Liquid are the first-place team in the standings and they’re far from losing momentum. Locodoco hasn’t backed down from his opinion, however. He’s been vocal on his YouTube series “Listen Loco,” alongside co-host and esports historian Duncan “Thorin” Shields, insisting that Doublelift hasn’t been playing to his usual high standard.

Doublelift hasn’t taken too kindly to Locodoco’s criticism, spurring on his harsh words on Twitch. The two were once teammates for a brief period of time on CLG, but they left on bad terms. The pair used to be good friends, but after playing together in 2012, their relationship soon took a turn for the worst.

Locodoco was originally promised the mid or top position on CLG. After being assigned to the support role, though, he rebelled—and instead, he played Irelia in solo queue. This irritated the competitive Doublelift and the duo hasn’t played on a team together since.

Liquid play later today against CLG, where Doublelift will look to secure his 11th win of the 2019 LCS Spring Split.