Disguised Toast potentially eyeing League of Legends team in wake of major orgs’ exits

Could the DSG brand be coming to the LCS?

Disguised Toast sitting on the couch.
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After starting his own VALORANT team earlier this year, Disguised Toast could be looking to enter another Riot Games-owned esport. The top-tier streamer/influencer voiced his potential plans to start a League of Legends team on Twitter today, asking the community who the best available North American League player is at the moment and saying he’s thinking of starting a team. 

What’s particularly eye-opening about this teaser from Toast is that it uses almost the exact same wording as his previous teaser tweet from last October when the possibility of forming a VALORANT roster was suggested by him. His original tweet in the VALORANT space read “yo whos the best available unsigned pro valorant player atm thinking of starting a team.”

This time around, “unsigned” was removed from the new edition of the tweet, “NA” was added for regional clarity, and of course, VALORANT was replaced with League of Legends. The similar wording of the tweet could indicate that Toast is serious about a League team and is willing to follow through on any potential teaser.

The last time Toast threw his hat into the esports ring as a team owner, his organization, Disguised, signed the biggest free agent in VALORANT, yay. 

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A door could be opening for a potential DSG League team as early as this upcoming offseason, with TSM slated to leave the LCS in the near future—potentially even before the 2024 season. TSM is selling its LCS franchise slot for $20 million, according to a report from the New York Times, and that sale presents the most direct point of entry for DSG to join the NA League scene. 

Alternatively, DSG’s League division could come from the ground up now, with the North American Challengers League (NACL) featuring a promotion/relegation system moving forward. Additionally, with seven LCS franchises withdrawing from the NACL prior to the 2023 Summer Split, plenty of spaces in the North American developmental league are up for grabs. 

Those seven teams also dropped all of their Challenger-level players, meaning there’s a wide pool of free agents who could be receiving attention from DSG’s front office. 

While a DSG League team is still in the hypothetical stage, it’s undeniable that the streamer-turned-owner has followed through on his word so far. 

Dot Esports has reached out to Disguised Toast for comment regarding DSG’s intentions in the League of Legends space.

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