Dark Waters Diana and Vladimir are coming to the PBE soon

A brand new skin line is coming in Patch 8.11.

Screengrab via LoLGermany

Riot has revealed a brand new series of skins known as Dark Waters, and Vladimir and Diana will be the first two champions to join the line, according to Riot’s announcement on Twitter today.

The skins have a Gothic steampunk vibe to them, with Diana in particular looking like she would fit into the world of Bloodborne with ease. The footage shown on Riot Germany’s Twitter account features the duo in dark attire with darkened water pulling them below the river’s surface during their recall animations.

The new Dark Waters skin line doesn’t offer anything unique on first glance. While the new recall animations look cool in the teaser trailer, Riot hasn’t shown anything else. Will the duo get new ability animations? New voice lines? And how much will each skin cost?

Until the skins finally come out for people to test on the PBE, it might be best to reserve judgement and see if the skins are worth the investment.

Dark Waters is Vladimir’s ninth skin and his first new one since 2015, when Academy Vladimir launched alongside Ekko, Darius, and Ahri’s academy skins. As for Diana, this is her sixth skin and follows her Blood Moon skin from last year.

Riot hasn’t released much info about the two skins, including any additional animations. All the company has confirmed is that the duo will be available to try out once Patch 8.11 goes live on the PBE client in the next few days.