DAMWON Gaming qualify for the LCK 2019 Spring Split

Welcome to the LCK, DAMWON Gaming.

Screengrab via SPOTV

After spending a year and half in Challengers Korea, DAMWON Gaming have qualified for the upcoming LCK 2019 Spring Split following their 3-1 victory over Team BattleComics earlier today.

First entering Challengers Korea in the summer of 2017, DAMWON Gaming have steadily risen up the challenger ladder, ending each split higher and higher. DAMWON rise culminated this summer when they finally earned their shot to participate in the event where a spot in the LCK was a prize—the promotion tournament.

Able to swiftly 2-0 bbq Olivers in the first round of the promotion tournament, DAMWON needed to beat Team BattleComics in order to become the newest LCK team.

Although they lost game one, DAMWON dominated Team BattleComics for the rest of the best-of-five series. DAMWON aggressive style simply overwhelmed Team BattleComics. Once DAMWON found an initial lead, they quickly tried to extend it anyway possible, whether it be through multi-man roams, or the classic hide-in-a-brush-until-someone-face-checks-it strategy.

While DAMWON received some pushback from Team BattleComics in game three, by the end of the series they looked to have total control over their opponents.

Although they lost to DAMWON today, Team BattleComics still have another chance to qualify for the LCK. Team BattleComics will have one more match against the winner of the loser’s elimination match between bbq Olivers and MVP. If Team BattleComics can beat their LCK opposition, they will be rewarded with a spot in next year’s LCK Spring Split.

But before Team BattleComics can play in their second qualifier, the promotion tournament’s loser elimination match will need to be played. MVP and bbq Olivers will face off tomorrow on Sept. 21, with the loser being relegated to Challengers Korea.