Corki player gets taken down by AD Yuumi mid in League solo queue

You and me? No, just me—I've got this.

League of Legends‘ solo queue has long been a varying experience place for players. While some matches can be competitive, other times players may opt for strange picks that aren’t necessarily go-to in the changing meta.

A Corki player went up against something that would take any mid laner by surprise: an AD Yuumi mid. While this matchup should go in the favor of Corki, who has been a staple pick in the mid lane for years, the off-role support ended up packing more of a punch than the Corki player expected, as seen in a video posted to Reddit.

Normally, Yuumi relies heavily on her teammates. Her W allows her to attach to an ally and become untargetable, granting them additional damage, and she can heal them with her E. Being alone in the mid lane like this is not ideal for the Magical Cat, but in this case, the Yuumi player took advantage of their opponent not expecting their unorthodox playstyle.

Yuumi’s assault on the Corki began as soon as the two champions got into lane. While the two poked each other with auto attacks and abilities, Corki took extra damage from the opposing minions, who began to target the plane-flying yordle after he damaged Yuumi. With just a few more auto attacks and an Ignite for good measure, Yuumi successfully took down Corki at level one.

Corki and Yuumi, although not normally played in the same lane, have been staples of the 2022 season’s mid and support metas, respectively, only shifting a little as patches have been released. Luckily for them, this Corki player isn’t likely to see an AD Yuumi ever again, though this experience must have left a lasting impression on their progression through solo queue.