Clutch Akshan revive saves one-hit Nexus and the game

You can't make this stuff up.

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends team gave new meaning to the word “throwing.”

Akshan’s ability to revive allies came in clutch, according to a video posted earlier today. The Rogue Sentinel resurrected allies just in time and saved the one-hit Nexus from destruction, allowing his squad to win the match.

Video originally posted by Reddit u/Gaioun

In a relatively close 28-minute match, the blue team was knocking on the opposing squad’s door. With five players alive and only one enemy, the blue team’s victory was all but sealed. And then a head-scratching throw took place.

After being marked as a Scoundrel by Akshan’s Going Rogue (W), Lucian dove the fountain to try and finish off the Rogue Sentinel. But the AD carry’s death gave Akshan a kill, allowing Irelia and Evelynn to spawn immediately. Pair that with Leona’s death timer reaching zero and Lucian made a grave error.

The remaining blue team players tried to end the game but were quickly taken out by the enemy squad. And while Yuumi tried to deliver the finishing blow on the Nexus, the support left it with a sliver of health before being killed.

Akshan and his team were then able to march down the middle lane and claim their victory, taking out spawning enemies in the process.

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