Cloud9’s Zven sets record for most pentakills in LCS history on day one of 2022 Lock In

The veteran ADC adds another achievement to his collection.

Photo via Riot Games

On the first day of the 2022 LCS Lock In, the pieced-together Cloud9 roster not only went undefeated but one of their players set a new LCS record.

During C9’s final game of the day against FlyQuest, Zven secured a pentakill, the sixth total pentakill of his career. This is the most pentakills a single player has ever attained in their LCS career, adding yet another highlight to the Zven’s North American career.

Last year was the debut of the Lock In tournament, where Zven secured two pentakills playing as Miss Fortune against 100 Thieves. Zven opted to play as Ziggs in C9’s matchup against FlyQuest today, pulling off different maneuvers to fulfill the same pentakill dream. Though Kumo tried to escape into the Chemtech Zones, Zven flashed the wall and threw the last bomb he needed to see the coveted words cross the screen.

Zven is playing on C9’s main roster due to visa issues preventing the arrival of Summit, Berserker, Winsome, and new head coach LS in North America. Once the LCS roster is at full strength, Zven is expected to play a big part for the C9 Academy team alongside Darshan and Isles, who are also temporarily filling the spots of the international players.

C9 will continue their run through the Lock In tournament next Friday, starting their day against 100 Thieves, the 2021 LCS Champions.