Cloud9’s Summit secures 1-vs-4 quadra kill as Tryndamere in League’s Champion’s Queue

One of the newest players in the LCS continues to impress even off the stage.

Photo via Cloud9

The recent Champion’s Queue initiative sought to provide the top players of League of Legends an alternative to solo queue that simulated professional play complete with low ping and a ranking system. Since it opened for a select number of players, Champion’s Queue has become the premier way for top League players to show exactly what makes them the best of North America.

One player that has taken the region by storm in his debut split of the LCS is Summit, the new top laner for Cloud9. When he’s not helping his team advance to the top of the standings, he can be found practicing his craft in Champion’s Queue, where he continues to make the game-defining plays he’s been known to make in the past six weeks of the LCS.

Last night in Champion’s Queue, Summit once again made it clear to the top players of North America that despite his little experience in the region, he’s come to make a name for himself wherever he can. As Tryndamere, Summit had his eyes on the enemy Blue Buff when four players approached him. Instead of backing away, Summit saw the potential for a great outplay.

K1ng, C9 Academy’s ADC, approached Summit in a failed attempt to stop his advances, falling quickly to spins and slashes. Challenger player Stunt tried to save k1ng before he succumbed to his fate but ultimately handed Summit another kill. With rage in his eyes, Summit looked to take down Ablazeolive and Pridestalker, Golden Guardians’ mid laner and jungler, respectively, who were just around the corner.

Luckily for Summit, he had not used Tryndamere’s ultimate until this last fight, allowing him to yet again get the upper hand on his opponents and secure himself a quadra kill. His KDA immediately raised from 3/1/2 to 7/1/2 in a matter of seconds, and all of the other players but himself were surprised at what had just occurred. Summit then fist-bumped the camera and smirked as his teammates spammed question-mark pings over him.

Fans can look forward to seeing more of Summit each weekend as part of the LCS broadcast or during his streams

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