Cloud9 secure first place in 2021 LCS Spring Split after victory over Immortals

Cloud9 will face 100 Thieves in the first round of the MSS next week.

Photo via Riot Games

The inklings of potential tiebreakers circled around the LCS throughout the entirety of the Spring Split’s final weekend. But, in the eleventh hour, Cloud9 was able to dispel any notion of extra games. A decisive win over Immortals closed out the Spring Split and secured first place for the team that has sat on top of the LCS since the very beginning of the regular season. 

With this win, Cloud9 will hold the highest seed heading into the Mid-Season Showdown, while TSM and Team Liquid have been denied one final chance to climb to the top of the league, finishing second and third, respectively. 

Today’s contest showcased Cloud9 at their most methodical. A late-game composition centered around Zven’s Tristana pick allowed Cloud9 to stall the game until the 36-minute mark. The squad eventually secured an Infernal Soul and wiped Immortals off the map by way of a five-for-zero teamfight. 

As Cloud9 prepares for the Mid-Season Showdown, they’ll have to turn their attention towards 100 Thieves, a team that Cloud9 won against twice this spring. The last time the two teams faced off in a best-of-five setting, however, things weren’t as clear. It took a reverse sweep from Cloud9 to secure a nailbiter of a victory over 100 Thieves back in the LCS Lock In tournament earlier this year. 

The LCS will return to action on Saturday, March 20 when the Mid-Season Showdown kicks off.