Cloud9 has yet to lose a single mid lane turret in their 10 games this split

This statistic sticks out from the rest—a true indicator of just how dominant this team has been.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2020 Spring Split is racing by but already Cloud9 has seemingly cemented their position atop the LCS standings. Through five weeks, the squad have been so dominant that they have yet to even look close to their first defeat.

Behind their obvious success, C9 has been quietly putting up stats that are only rivalled in history by previous legendary LCS teams. Teams like 2016 TSM or 2013 C9. Currently, on their way to a golden split, C9 is sitting at a 100 percent success rate of controlling first Baron, first Dragon and first Elder Dragon. The team also boasts of having the highest team KDA by more than two times that of the second team.

But perhaps the statistic that shows just how clinical this team has been thus far in 2020, is that they are yet to lose a mid lane turret in any of the 10 games they have played this split.

There are many reasons as to why this incredible stat is being preserved over an entire split. Turkish mid laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer has been crushing it so far this split, already accruing four player of the game honors and one player of the week award. On his way to what very may well be a Spring Split MVP nod, Nisqy has controlled the mid lane well, on seven different champions no less. With the currently overperforming Robert “Blaber” Huang, who himself has a player of the week honor, playing aggressively for a lead early, C9 has been able to keep their mid turrets upright.

This aggressive playstyle led by Blaber has seen C9 win most of their games through an irreparable early game lead. The squad is taking down their opponents in an average game time of 29.36 minutes. At 15 minutes, C9 are at a staggering 2,687 gold lead on average. It’s clear to see that C9 have no intention of even having to defend their turrets, they are going for the jugular at every moment from the start to the very end of each game.

Perhaps the team’s greatest test to date will be this upcoming weekend when C9 face off against the second-placed team, Fly Quest. Catch the match on Feb. 29.


Samuel O'Dwyer
Aussie freelance writer with a focus on League of Legends, Overwatch and TFT. Twitter is @yaakiisoba.